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A companion to “The Uncanny Alphabet”, this album highlights the musicality in language. Best served with warm milk.


released April 4, 2017

Narration/Piano - D.J. Caalaman
Bass - Will Lyle
Drums - Nikko Salvador

All songs (except Stomps) composed by David (D.J.) Caalaman

Artwork by Rendall Mercado

Recorded at Studio West and Therapy Studios

Engineered by Andy Guerrero

Mixed by Dillon Cahill

And a toast to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign!



all rights reserved


David J. Caalaman San Diego, California

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Track Name: Brewin'
Stories 'round the fireplace
With s'mores and friends and family.
We hope that you are taken there
When you pick up Uncanny.

So please read on
Enjoy the illustrations and the poems
And many thanks
For welcoming this book
Into your homes.
Track Name: Whim
Arty and Arlene
Have waited ever patiently.
Their baby boy will make
A happy family of three.

Hunched his back
In awe a great big deal.
He swore he saw the mythical albino leopard seal.

Candy macaroni
Has a flavor so distinct.
They're sweet until their bitter end
Demands you brush your teeth.

"Delighted so
I surely am
Glad to have met you, dear."
"But I'm a llama
A llama
Not a deer."
Track Name: Alter
Edgar's eye
Will turn you into stone
So don't you marvel.
Look away
Avert your gaze
Or you'll turn into marble.

Flamingos are the nosy type
They gossip with the flock.
Leave them be with news
And hear them squawk and squawk and squawk.

Gabe and Gary
Cannot help but daydream of a girl.
Her name is Grace
Her pretty face
Inspires bicep curls.

Hands a-waving
Havoc in the halls.
I tried to speak politely
But a shout poured out my jaws.

Imagination never rests
When run by awe and wonder.
She studied hard and dyed her cap and gown
Her favorite color.
Track Name: Swings
Jumping jacks are awkward
When you don't have any limbs.
Slugs and sharks are too embarrassed
To go to the gym.

Kevin teaches those to fly
Who yearn and dream to soar.
They practice 'til it's second nature
Take off
And explore.

Logs and laces
Eyebrow raises
"What you lookin' at?"
"I'm on a hike
I fear I might
Have veered too far off track!"

Merry Monday Mornin'
Morty sang a-top his lungs.
Whisper near a kitten
Or a cat may catch your tongue.
Track Name: Blurs
Nasal passage filled with snot
It's slimy, gross, and green.
This elephant "ah-chooed"
The greatest sneeze in history.

Orange season sends a scent of citrus in the air.
Choco Donut cannot help
But salivate and stare.

Piper's chirps will perk you up
If ever you should yawn.
He tweets
He howls
Wakes the village
At the crack of dawn.

Quiet please
Alarm clock
'Til my dream comes to its finish.
I'll hit the snooze so I can sleep
For nine more peaceful minutes.

Randy's father was an eagle
Mother was a wren.
A woodpecker at heart
He chisels to his heart's content.
Track Name: Stomps
A stussy fell into the ocean
Straight out of the sky.
No one knows its origins
Not Eel
Not you
Not I.

Trees sprout tall
With branches wide
To make the forest roof.
Saplings draw their vision
From the antlers of a moose.

Up his boots go
Heaving giant sighs.
Little Paul and Baby Blue
Will slumber through the night.

The vastness of the sea
Provides the fisherman his peace.
Fish will fight with valor
Man will wrestle
And release.
Track Name: Portrait
Will and Wally told themselves
That they would get in shape.
Their New Year's Resolution
Was to cut back on cupcakes.

X-treme karate
Kickin' bricks and butts with strength and ease.
Sensei X and Rex will turn the heat up
Ten degrees.

Yo yo yo
It's M.C. Worm
He's hip and down to Earth.
Twisting tongues and dropping jaws
He spits the baddest verse.

Ziggin' Zaggin' Dragon
Agile in the breeze.
Blink and miss her
Leaves her whisper
Rustling in the trees.
Track Name: Pillow
We're sure you had a blast, a laugh, a kick, a grand old time.
Reading words with rhythms, stories, pictures intertwined.
We hope that your perspective of the alphabet's renewed.
It's time we say goodbye, farewell, now we bid you adieu.